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The Holland Times
The Holland Times − since its beginnings four years ago as The Amsterdam - Hague -Rotterdam Times − has continued to expand and has increased its circulation to 115,000 copies, consequently tripling their readership since the newspapers launch.

The free English-language weekly newspaper is available at over 2,500 locations throughout the major Dutch cities of Amsterdam , The Hague and Rotterdam . More distribution points are added every week.

The Holland Times is distributed to eleven airlines, all of the foreign embassies and consulates, selected bookstores, international corporations as well as to hotels, restaurants and shops throughout the country.

In addition, over 5,000 people worldwide have paid subscriptions so they will not miss out on the latest news, features and events in the Netherlands !

If you would like to have The Holland Times delivered to your company, organization, or business location, please contact: Francois Dieleman 020-506 3926 or
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