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pakhuis klompen Windmill fiets lighthouse
Here is Holland
ISBN 978-9059721418 - 492 pages
Here's Holland
Living in Holland

Living in Holland

Chapter 16   Living in Holland
Newspapers, Relocation Services, Money and Banking, Medical Care, Places of Worship, Libraries, Social and Business Organisations, Adult Education, Shopping, Pets, Who are the Dutch?

Chapter 17   The Good Life: Out and About
Movies, TV, Casinos, The Performing Arts, Theatres and Auditoriums, Eating Out, Dutch Taste Treats, Randstad Restaurants, Fine Dining

Chapter 18   Sports
Spectator Sports: Biking, Boating, Motor and Horse Racing, Ice Skating, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis. Active Sports: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Bowling, Fencing, Fishing, Flying, Horse Riding, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Rugby, Sailing, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Football, Walking, Windsurfing and more

Chapter 19   The Younger Set
Child Care, Schools, Museum Orientation, University Education, Libraries, Cultural, Educational and Work Exchange Programmes, Summer Camps and Schools, Fun & Games, Entertainment and The Arts

Chapter 20   Yearly Special Events
The Calendar – Yearly Dutch Events – Yearly Foreign Community Events

Chapter 21   Quick Reference
Car Rentals, Casinos, Places of Worship, Clubs and Organisations, Telephone Assistance, VVV offices, Recommended Reading, Radio

Train travel is popular in Holland - efficient and convenient. Most of the 379 stations are in town centres and offer good security and facilities such as restaurants, bookshops, drugstores, flower shops, etc. English is spoken. Trains run every 15 minutes in the major metropolitan areas in and around Amsterdam/The Hague/Rotterdam, and every 30 minutes in the rest of the country. They run from 6am (Sundays and published holidays from 7am) until midnight, but an hourly night service is maintained to major cities and Schiphol airport until 4am. International reservations can only be made at 'NS International' offices in major stations, open 8am-8pm. High-speed trains bring you almost anywhere in Europe in a matter of hours.
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