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Here is Holland
ISBN 978-9059721418 - 492 pages
Here's Holland
“Here's Holland is essential for getting to know the Netherlands. I wish you a pleasant voyage of discovery through our unusual and beautiful country.”
Hans van Driem, Managing Director,
Holland Business Promotion Office
“Absolutely the most practical guide for tourists and expats alike. If you are looking for the real Holland experience, then let this book be your guide.”
Waterstones booksellers, Amsterdam
“…remains an indispensable and important source of reference for the many inquiries we receive.”
Executive Officer, American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)
“… is the definitive guide equally suited to visitor and resident. Well researched, clearly written vital resource.”
American Book Center, Amsterdam/The Hague
“…a wealth of information for the newcomer, invaluable and easy to use. An inspiration for exploring Holland.”
ACCESS, The Hague
“As indispensable to the traveller as his passport.”
British NL Chamber of Commerce, London
“A true accomplishment. This guide is here to stay.”
The XPat Journal
“We use Here’s Holland as a gift for new investors in Holland who are interested in establishing, expanding or re-organizing their pan-European operations in the Netherlands.”
Jochum S. Haakma, Managing Director, NL Foreign Investment Agency,
Ministry of Economic Affairs
“We attach great value to the continuation of this fine publication.”
Nationale Nederlanden, The Hague
"Here's Holland is a good introduction to the Netherlands. Readers will be led off the well-trodden tourist route, as well as to the major tourist sights with a chapter about each of Holland's 13 provinces."
James Martin,
"This is a "must have" book for visitors to Holland I only wish I had owned this book from day one, or even before I came to Holland. Its format is very clear and easy to follow and I can imagine I shall be dipping in and out of it for a long time to come.
Part I, the main section, is dedicated to sightseeing, museums and amusement centres. Each of the twelve provinces is given a separate chapter. At the beginning of each there is a small useful map showing main towns, major roads and the borders of the provinces. These do help the geographically challenged (like me) to become more familiar with the layout of this relatively small country.
An introduction to the history and folklore of each province makes interesting reading. Every chapter, with its extensive coverage of museums, galleries, historic sites, cities, towns, villages and picturesque countryside, definitely gets the message across that there is more to Holland than Amsterdam.
Part II, entitled "Living in Holland" provides a wealth of information, advice and contact addresses. It covers the culture, gives an insight into "the system", education, sports and entertainment. It also includes a useful calendar of yearly special events. This section provides the newcomer not only with a vast array of specific information, but also presents it in a very practical manner, clearly written by someone with a close understanding of Dutch life. It is without a doubt an excellent aid to the newcomer, to help them settle quickly into this unique little country. "
D. Longstaff
I just wanted to let you know I have received the copy of Here's Holland and I am so glad I have. It is very informative and provides a lot of information not found in the usual guide books. We are looking forward to our trip and stay in Holland. This will be the first time visiting in the spring and are very excited to see the flowers in bloom. The book has been very helpful and insightful.
Robert Kranz, US.
Chicago Tribune
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