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Here is Holland
ISBN 978-9059721418 - 492 pages



Welcome to the Netherlands, a tiny country that extends, at its broadest, 312 kms (194 miles) north to south, and 264 kms (164 miles) east to west – although the land area increases slightly each year as a result of continuous land reclamation and drainage.
With a lot of heart and much to offer, “Holland”, as it is commonly known to all but the Dutch – a name that stems from its once most prominent provinces - has more going on per kilometer than most countries and, more English- speaking natives. You’ll be impressed by its historic cities and charmed by the contrasts of its countryside and villages. Its roads and public transportation are excellent.
About the Book

Here's Holland also includes recommendations for children, covers the Dutch way of life – its culture and customs – and is full of useful addresses and tips for trips, by car, boat, bike, on foot, and even mud-flat hiking to the islands (see Chapter 8 on Friesland).

From exciting cities to picturesque villages, Here’s Holland guides you to all the treasures this small country has to offer, including culture, art and entertainment, historic, folkloric and sporting events, also state-of-the-art recreation parks, nature reserves and fine beaches, along with the world-famous flower and bulb fields, world-class shopping, markets, and many surprises…

Here’s Holland includes:

  • Favourite finds of the authors who are long-time, expatriate residents
  • Historic highlights with just enough detail to set the stage for your visit
  • ’Staying over’ suggestions − from the smallest hotel in the world, to houseboats and castles
  • ‘Eating out’ suggestions − tried and true choices from Dutch to ‘other ethnic ’
  • Maps of all 12 provinces, plus a fold-out country map and an ‘Amsterdam City Walk’
  • Clear directions, opening hours, websites, and other contact information for each destination
  • Yearly Special Events − a month-by-month calendar to make your trip-planning easy
  • Quick Reference − a wealth of specific information and resources for those either travelling or settling in
For expatriate families and newcomers planning a longer stay, Here’s Holland offers generous amounts of practical advice and relevant information needed to facilitate the settling-in process, including:
  • Relocation assistance
  • Schools and educational opportunities
  • Medical facilities
  • Clubs and organisations
  • Places of worship
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Information resources

The book has been acclaimed by countless visitors and numerous businesses with personnel transferring to the Netherlands (see Testimonials).  Whether you’re coming for a few days or a few years, you’ll want your own copy of Here’s Holland (see How to Order).

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