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Here is Holland
ISBN 978-9059721418 - 492 pages

Here's Holland ABN ZaZaRe Eburon


For over 25 years, Sheila has been reaching fellow travellers and expatriates through this best-selling book, now titled, Here's Holland, of which nine editions have been published and 60,000 copies sold. A former representative in Public Relations for the United Nations (London and Paris) before moving to Holland over 30 years ago, she knows first-hand what visitors to a new country need in order to make their stay memorable, whether for a week or a lifetime.
A true international, Sheila divides her time between Rotterdam (NL), France and her native England.

. Sheila Gazaleh


An American author, editor and PR professional, Shirley is owner of Pro/PR, a Holland-based consultancy for English communications. She is the co-author of Fodor’s Holland (Random House), the ghostwriter of Network Your Way to Success (C. Ruffolo), and the editor of over 20 books. Before moving to Europe in 1993 (first to a tiny village in the Dutch province of Drenthe – followed by Paris), Shirley was editor of a US magazine and, prior to that, a public relations manager. She now lives near Amsterdam.

Shirley Agudo


An American writer, editor and Dutch-to-English translator based in Holland since 1981, Connie has experienced the ups and downs of expatriate life in various countries. She is now owner of u & i know communications, a full-media consultancy, and the author of Housing in Holland and Getting Connected (both from XPat Media), the editor of several books, and a frequent contributor to expatriate and other international publications. Connie lives in the Dutch town of Haarlem.

Connie Moser
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