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Here is Holland
ISBN 978-9059721418 - 492 pages


Art with a Twist: Escher in The Hague

Everybody knows M.C. Escher – you might not know you do, but you do. He’s the famous Dutch graphic artist with a decided twist. His zany, puzzle-like illustrations are most often in black and white, and one of them was the subject for a Rubik’s Cube puzzle block that you turn this way and that to assemble the picture. Ring a bell yet?

Well, there’s an entire museum in The Hague – in a palace, no less – devoted to his work, and if you’re in this elegant city – the center of Holland’s government (but not the capital – that’s Amsterdam), then you should venture over to Escher in het Paleis, located on the Lange Voorhout, one of the classiest streets in ‘Den Haag’ (the proper name for The Hague).

Just across the street is the imposing Hotel des Indes, where you can indulge in either afternoon tea or a scrumptious meal. Makes for a nice day out – only about 40 minutes from Amsterdam, and an easy train ride.

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